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Weekly Assignments

Due Date: 8/31/2021
Subject: 7th Grade


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Monday 9/18/17

 iReady Testing...Ethan

Pedi-Cash Cab

Keyboarding Online- Lesson 2- Landen, Victoria; Lesson 3 Line 6

Quiz 2 Nikki

 Quiz 2 Jessica, Kelsey, Kane, Andy,  Kayla

Quiz 2 Victoria

Quiz 2 Bryan

iXL 7th grade Math H.1-H.3 &H.8

Mrs. Heath's Reading Class See Me

Moby Max-Math

Tuesday 9/19/17

 Go to Mrs. Hampton's Class

iReady Testing...Click on link and wait

Keyboarding Online  

Moby Max

Wednesday 9/20/17

iReady Testing...Ethan

  Keyboarding Online -

Moby Max

Thursday 9/21/17

iReady Testing...Ethan

 Keyboarding Online - Lesson 3 Line 7

Wait for Instructions...

Moby Max-

Friday 9/22/17

Keyboarding Online -

 Moby Max-

  Renaissance Learning

CBM- Free Site

Easy CBM-District Site


Online Social Studies Textbook

Ancestry Classroom

Education Place

TVO Kids

Brain Pop Game Up


On This Day




Major Mineral Groups


Objects #1

Minerals in your house

Everyday Uses

 MIDI Files