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Mr. Jim Wright





5/13 Strawberry Parade Checklist

1.       Drink lots of fluids on Friday.

2.       Eat a healthy breakfast Saturday morning.

3.       Put on Sunscreen.

4.       Line-up is at 12:00 noon behind the Rhea County Community Center (Old YMCA, Older Rhea Central High School, same place as last year.) Wear band polos, comfortable shoes, blue jeans or dark colored pants. (If shorts, please make sure they meet school dress-code for length) Wear a hat. It can be a crazy hat.  It cannot advertise tobacco or alcohol and cannot have anything inappropriate on it. The parade begins at 1:00.

5.       The parade ends at Dayton City School, so I suggest dropping off the band student with Just their instrument (not their case), then going to park near the end of the parade route. The big lot between Robinson’s and Dayton City School is ideal.

6.       Please meet your child at the end of the parade route. If you choose to meet them at another place, please give them a signed note to give me stating where you wish for them to meet you.

7.       If the parade is still in progress, and you are walking the parade route in reverse, please walk behind spectators whenever possible.

8.       I will be at SCMS from 11:00 until 11:30 before the parade for anyone needing to pick up anything from the bandroom.